4.6 Million Pensioners At Risk

From 2001-2015, multiemployer pension plans saw a drastic decrease in active member participation. (Center for Retirement and Research at Boston College, Dec. 2017 Special Report)

Today, more than 44% of multiemployer pensions are in critical condition. Multiemployer pension plans are designated in certain zones depending on their financial health: 11.6% of plans or 1.2M participants are Endangered or Seriously Endangered; 21.3% of plans or 2.2M participants are Critical; and 11.3% of plans or 1.2M participants are Critical and Declining. In other words, 44.2% of plans are “less than 80% funded” (at least) or will have a funding deficiency “in the next six years” or sooner. [Congressional Research Service, Data on Multiemployer Defined Benefit Pension Plans, 8/10/18, p.4-5]